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How to activate a custom patch in games

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Most PC games seem to be harder to get or even play nowadays. This usually makes players to look for a source for custom patch. They request for this on top forums, game download sites or from friends. Most time, they end up getting bad app that affects the operation of their PC.
These actually use to be the fear of anyone that stores important files on their device. But to some experts, they prefer to search for it on a reputable source.

custom patch in games

Here, I won’t guide you on how to find any good one. You just have to figure it within yourself.
I won’t be anyway responsible for any formal issue you experience after applying whatever you read here. You should just be willing to test and see if it is okay for the actual game you intend to play.

How to install a patch

Installing and activating a patch is almost the same thing, which need to be done effectively.
I usually prefer to tell people to have two computers; the first one for testing, then the other for running the main thing if it works. You can even get a VPS as the first computer which will be use to test out patches before you run them on your computer.
If you can’t afford any of those, just go ahead and test based on your own risk.

When you might have gotten the actual stuff needed for the game, you should do the following;

  • Extract it if it is in zip/rar format
  • Run the exe in administrator access
  • Click on the directory of the game folder and hit apply or done

This process mostly varies based on the kind of patch you downloaded for the game. Some you have to do these;

  • Open the patch folder
  • Copy entire file and paste in game directory
  • Run game to activate

Some sites usually include instructions on their page on how to do this. If you don’t see any, you should check for any read-me text file or instruction included in the actual folder.
Either of the two is required to effectively perform the operation. So, if you don’t seem to find any proper way, just perform any of those operations. You should ensure you do them according to what I have written above.

You can even find good videos that explain this better on YouTube. Just search, watch to see how it done.

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